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Boóc Péter marketing consultant

Are you looking for a marketing consultant in Budapest? You are on the right site!

Social media campaigns

I help you to plan, execute and optimize your social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in order to gain more consumers.

Getting more clients online

If you want more clients I can recommend you several methods: PPC Google Ads, lead-based campaigns and website optimization.


If you want to achieve higher rank in Google’s search results, I can help you with content marketing, link building and technical SEO.

Marketing consulting

As an experienced marketing consultant, I can also help you if you want to start from zero. I will present you a plan that fits your company.

The reason you got to this webpage is because you’re looking for a marketing consultant in Budapest. But why should you pick me out of all other SEO experts in Hungary? Read on, and I’ll tell you how I can drive your business in the right direction with my consultancy services.

Digital marketing consulting and business development in Hungary since 2008

It’s been over 13 years since I started working in the field of online advertising. During my work as an SEO consultant in Budapest, I’ve also gained numerous experience in international B2C and B2B commerce. My studies also took me beyond the borders of Hungary: I wanted to lay a strong basis for my knowledge at the reputable Oxford Brookes University in order to become an excellent online marketing consultant.

As my work has covered many fields, there are numerous areas where I can help your business through my SEO consulting services, such as:

  • creating complex strategies
  • planning promotions and product pricing
  • running creative social media campaigns
  • managing online business communication and PR
  • Google Ads and search engine optimization
  • optimized content marketing
Marketing Consulting Budapest Hungary

As an experienced SEO and digital marketing expert in Budapest, my services include both consulting and execution

If you feel like your company’s marketing activities could do better, but don’t know how you could create more effective ads and get more clients, these are the kinds of issues I can solve with my online marketing and SEO consulting services in Hungary. I currently do work for over 20 different clients, and use the most well-tried tools that digital advertising has to offer.

Here are just a few areas where you can count on my expertise as an SEO consultant:

1. Marketing consulting can include creative social media campaign planning and execution

If you want your business to reach its target group on Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube, then you can count on my services throughout the whole process of planning your social media campaign. I’ll help you with the ads optimization, setting the right targeting options, and at the end, you’ll get a report from me to see exactly how your ads performed.

2. How to get more clients online: my methods as a digital marketing consultant in Hungary

If you simply want your business to have more clients, then I have several methods I can employ to  help you reach this goal. These includes PPC Google Ads and lead-based campaigns, if you want to see results as soon as possible, or even the conversion optimization of your website, so you can not only expect an increased traffic, but increased sales as well.

3. As an SEO consultant, I can also use my experience in content marketing in favor of your company

The purpose of SEO (search engine optimization) for your company is to achieve a higher rank in Google’s search engine results, which can do wonders for your consumers’ trust in your business. This is simply one of the best ways of attracting consumers in the long-term who don’t need to see paid advertising to find the products and services of your company. Of course, to achieve the best results, you will also need quality content marketing, link building services, and technical SEO, which are all included in my marketing consulting services.

4. Need a complete marketing strategy planning service from an SEO consultant in Budapest?

As an experienced marketing consultant, I can also help you if you want to start from zero and build up your presence in Hungary from the ground. I will present you a plan that fits your company like a glove, and covers each relevant area of it: product range, target group, pricing, business channels, market environment, and I could go on.

In short: if you want marketing that is customized to the needs of your business and actually works, then I am at your disposal. Ask me for a price quote about my marketing consulting services in Budapest, and I’ll get back to you within a matter of days!


Marketing Consulting Budapest Hungary
Marketing Consulting Budapest Hungary
Marketing Consulting Budapest Hungary
Marketing Consulting Budapest Hungary

My client’s reviews

I was looking for a marketing expert who could bring consistent and measurable results, and would help my business grow in the long term. My collaboration with Peter has been fruitful for many years, so I can strongly recommend him to everyone!

Ferenc, Grantis, owner

One of the most important things to know about Peter is that he’s got the patience for clients! I have received plenty of useful marketing and SEO advice from him. Thank you for handling my problem the way you did, I’ll definitely recommend you to others as well.

Sándor,, top 1 search engine ranking for the most expensive keyword in Hungary

One of the best SEO experts in Hungary, no doubt about that. Thanks to Peter, we’ve managed to get a lot of clients from organic channels, without having to use paid advertising.

Imre, tourism and real estate entrepreneur



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